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    The Cijin district is one inshore subsidiary island, the whole island is about 8.5km long, width is about 400 meters on average, geology is except that the mountain is coral reef and stratum after the North Cijin, the others are all lagoons become through ocean current alleviation. Have jurisdiction over 6.5 kilometers. All around it surround by sea, it separate the east Kaohsiung the harbors and Kushan, Yencheng, before stand far apart facing each other town, border on the Taiwan Straits in the west, the south, and second port and little harbor neighbor, the north adjoin Kaohsiung first port and Shoushan mountain. This district once caught the ground most populous, which develop earliest of Dagou. The historical site had Tianhou Temple, beacon and ancient fort, etc., the scenery is deep and remote
    Cijin is the base camp of a historical site in Kaohsiung, the ferry crossing arranges the famous historical site everywhere at present: The fort is second historical site after the, the beacon and old school building of primary school of Cijin of (already roughly reconstructed in the old site now) have each been tertiary historical site after Tianhougong Palace.

    1)fort under - on mountain after the, build time make an appointment in the fifties such as Kang Xi, built one large fort at that time, fitted six big guns, was garrisoned by right a group of 30 armies of camp of the navy. Until the first year of Guang Xu, Wang good fortune emolument engage technician of Great Britain design and supervise and build the modernized fort; The outside is a rectangle, the wall is built by the reinforced concrete. Fort district week Li of half, assign to three districts: In district not north for hall, main fact pieces of the east to, other for the Eight Character wall, red brick fight step, door volume question ' majestic fairy day the south ' four word, gatekeeper two post decorated with word; Build twenty two rooms of barracks, several magazines in the center district; There are four emplacements in south district, find a room for one for six and a half tons of cannons thoraxes before Armstrong. Second the end cut after the platform, occupied fort have, door half volume destroy.


    Cijin large fort

    2)The day after tomorrow seraglio of - lie in front of temple of Cijin district of on the way No. 86. The six immigrants of Xu AHua and fellow villager grass built the clear health in 12. Foreign trader Zhang Yi wrote etc. and recovered and called rebuilding again in the 13th year of Guangxu; In the 15th year of the Republic of China, six grades of Cai Ji raised funds to reconstruct once again, it is relatively grand to adopt beginning, such as red brick, timber, stone in Fuzhou, etc. The 37th year of the Republic of China, believer Cai gentle Guest, etc. provide funds and rebuild it once again, burning incense's great prosperity in the temple of today, two stone pillars of door are engraved: ' it kind enough to all over constructing Jia's profit; It is the wide in kindness not back take care of by henry fishing ', if having, offer as a gift showing heartfelt wishes of fisherman.

    3)The beacon behind - lie in on the mountaintop after the lane under the. Mountain adjutant Wang FuLu of phoenix started to engage technicians of Great Britain in the ninth year of Guangxu, built the location up to the present of the beacon, square brick tower, install cave single stamen make mere light, meet from about 5 kilometers. In the 7th year of the Republic of China, people of Japan built more new towers, was the white next festival octagon, the top is cylindrical, 11 meters high, mere strength is No. 85000 Branch Candle light, full play height navigation efficiency.

    4)Name of primary school of Cijin of: Catch dog's common school (Primary school of Cijin of) Grade: The city fixes the historical site Position: No. 623, No. three of continent in the ferry crossing district of Kaohsiung.