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  • This district is an fishing village type attitude, residents mostly support the family by sea, individual character honest hospitable and vigorous, Kaohsiung municipal government energetical Yi note development of resources this district tour industry for many years, introduce a large number of visitor , make Cijin become Kaohsiung city shine the star . The beautiful coast park and bicycle special lane, can let everybody roam leisurely in the marine conditions and customs leisurely , welcome present Cijin wholeheartedly, experience the municipal beautiful achievement together. Meanwhile, all colleagues of our institute will try one's best to serve everybody too, Cijin of people can good.



    Lo, District Chief Profile
    Present:Chief of Qijin District Office, Kaohsiung City
    Education:National Taiwan Ocean University, MASTER of science in aquaculture
    Experience:section head、Senior Engineer、Specialist、Division Chief of marine bureau Kaohsiung City Government  
    Chief of Mituo District Office Kaohsiung City
    Specialist、Division Chief of marine of Civi affairs bureau Kaohsiung City Government