1.Take the masses to transport
* Bus: Take Bus No. 1, 31, 50 to the ferryboat head the ferryboat of transmitting to Cijin.
* Bus: Take Bus No. 35 from Cianjhen to Cijin stand, every day depart from 06:30 and last bus at 12:20.

2.From the sea route (take the ferryboat)
* Gushan ferry crossing course At 06:00~24:00, class one every 4-6 minute (come and go to go), about 0.5 sea miles of course.
Serve the telephone number 551-4316(Gushan ferry station), 571-2542, (Cijin ferry station)

* Cianjhen ferry crossing course At 2210 0545 0545, class one every 20-30 minute, about 1.05 sea miles of course.
Serve the telephone number 841-3048 (Cianjhen ferry station),841-3048(Jhongjhou ferry station).

3.Self-provided means of transportation
* Zhongshan highway getting high terminal point Zhongshan overpass lay, connect Yugang Rd, meet n Sinsheng Rd is it move direct to turn left, have trail guide enter the urban area of Cijin of promptly after passing Cijin tunnel (vapors, motorcycle can pass through all)

Take the masses to transport From the sea route

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