Head of district Talks
The Cijin district is one inshore subsidiary island, the whole island is about 8.5km long, width is about 400 meters on average, geology is except that the mountain is coral reef and stratum after the North Cijin, the others are all lagoons become through ocean current alleviation. Have jurisdiction over 6.5 kilometers. All around it surround by sea, it separate the east Kaohsiung the harbors and Kushan, Yencheng, before stand far apart facing each other town, border on the Taiwan Straits in the west, the south, and second port and little harbor neighbor, the north adjoin Kaohsiung first port and Shoushan mountain. This district once caught the ground most populous, which develop earliest of Dagou. The historical site had Tianhou Temple, beacon and ancient fort, etc., the scenery is deep and remote
and beautiful, in the past ' catch eight scene of Dagou ', this district occupies five scene. Business street, publicly-owned school, Western medicine clinic, teaches, saloon bar, firm, post office and telegram circuit while having jurisdiction over, it is all that Kaohsiung establishes first and still has glorious culture relics very much.

This district is an fishing village type attitude, residents mostly support the family by sea, individual character honest hospitable and vigorous, Kaohsiung municipal government energetical Yi note development of resources this district tour industry for many years, introduce a large number of visitor , make Cijin become Kaohsiung city shine the star . The beautiful coast park and bicycle special lane, can let everybody roam leisurely in the marine conditions and customs leisurely , welcome present Cijin wholeheartedly, experience the municipal beautiful achievement together. Meanwhile, all colleagues of our institute will try one's best to serve everybody too, Cijin of people can good.

Head of district Wu's little file.
Born in 1960.
The academic credentials: Bachelor of Mold and Die Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences.
Examination : Civil Service Rank Promotion Examination for Junior Rank Personnel.
Go through :
-Chief of Civil Affairs Section of Sanmin District Office, Kaohsiung City.
-Chief Secretary of Sanmin District Office, Kaohsiung city.
-Division chief of Household Administration Section of Civil Affairs Bureau, Kaohsiung city Government.
-Division Chief of Secretariat of Civil Affairs Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government.
-Division Chief of District and Village Administration Section of Civil Affairs Bureau, Kaohsiung city Government.
-Deputy Supervisor of Fongshan District Office, Kaohsiung city.
- District Mayor of Niao-Song District Office, Kaohsiung city.

Head of district talks

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